This is Not a Guitar, for electric guitar and live electronics

ThisIsNotaGuitarImageThis is Not a Guitar is a performance-oriented composition that exploits the electric guitar as an instrument that is necessarily mediated by amplifiers, numerous processors that remain mysterious “black boxes” to the audience, and physically displaced speakers. Audiences have come to overlook the disembodiment of the resulting sound from the physical actions that create it. As this disembodiment spreads to other parts of musical experience, e.g., YouTube, Second Life, iPods, etc., audiences continue to become desensitized to the effects of mediation on live performance. Instead of assuming equality between live and mediated forms, this work highlights “liveness” and mediation as a new dimension in which musical structure, tension/release, and meaning can be built. All sounds heard come from the live guitarist during performance, but in many moments, the live act of playing is sliced away from the resulting sound and recombined with the sight of other live acts, establishing a counterpoint in this new dimension of musical expression.

This is Not a Guitar (PDF score)

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