PerfTech Presents: InterMEDIA Performance 2011

PerfTech students presented intermedia performances in TAMU’s Fallout Theatre.

Professor Morris led his students in devising a performance titled Soccer Mom, which played on giallo horror film, using everyday experiences to generate a chilling musical score and sound effects. Students made sounds by preparing dinner (spaghetti and a cocktail for dad), using a power drill, and a Nintendo Wii Remote embedded in a soccer ball. Offstage performers controlled the processing of the video footage and chose pitches to be played each time our “boy” on stage hit the soccer ball. Other students contributed by preparing the vintage lo-fi looking projections.

Another notable performance was Black Hole for audio and video feedback. One student’s instrument was a microphone running through guitar effects pedals and a guitar amp, and the other student performed with a video camera focused on the projected image from its output, in addition to various light sources. The result was a surprisingly rich and organic performance.

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