Sobre a eletrodinâmica dos corpos de trabalho

Inspired by Einstein’s paper introducing the special theory of relativity titled “On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies,” “Sobre a eletrodinâmica dos corpos de trabalho” offers a time-distorted view of the concrete plant in Quarry Maljoga in Dade from the Viseu Rural archive (the only sound source). It portrays the work as it echoes off the landscape in compressed time, frozen time, and smeared timelines. It is a reflection on the efforts of man-made forces, the persistence of natural forces over time, and the interfaces between them.

Note: Visual and aural clarity is way better in the original than on YouTube, so remember to go to concerts!

The accompanying video is an immersive exploration of a single photograph I took, which was inspired by (and originally made to accompany) the music. It serves the music by emphasizing dualities between land and sky, between persistence and emergence in the face of eroding forces, and between natural imagery and digital artifacts (and in turn, some organic-seeming phenomena that emerge from the digital artifacts).The video element is not meant as a film with musical accompaniment, but rather a work in three channels that take turns, supporting and contrasting each other: left audio, right audio, and video.