The voice of the machine / How our devices party when we’re away: Listen to the wide variety of timbres, rhythm, and textures that come out of a simple feedback loop and ONLY a 1 second delay—no other processing besides acoustic effects of the room and moving bodies around the speakers.

Developed while in residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts, at I-Park, and at the Atlantic Center for the Arts again. Premiered in four channels at the Sound and Music Computing conference (SMC) in Greater Helsinki, Finland.

Here’s a demo of the four-channel version:

Long raw demonstration video of embedded micro-controller version at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in summer 2016:

First demonstration video, made in a Connecticut forrest cabin at I-Park in fall 2015 (using a laptop’s built in speaker and microphone, since I made the demo in an isolated forest cabin) . The voice of the machine: if it’s a little speaker, it’s a shrill voice:

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