Solo Mapping Étude

Autobiographical sketch. Prepare a one-minute performance, mapping aspects of your skills, favorite things, or life history onto actions, sounds, and the structure of your performance.

Preparatory steps (don’t turn this in):

  1. List of skills and interests, favorite things and significant parts of your life history. Think of objects that represent some things from your list.
  2. Think of actions that represent things on your list, and consider ways those motions could be used to make sound.
  3. With this collection of possible instruments, sounds, and actions in mind, look again at your list for things you could use to structure your piece: some way to determine the order, durations, or recurrence of sections, or a gradual progression between two states. Some decisions may be arbitrary for the sake of making a coherent and effective performance, but try to get make the majority and most significant of your creative decisions by drawing from your list. If you’re really stuck or private, it doesn’t really have to be autobiographical, but you need to choose one unifying factor for your piece: someone else’s life, a historical event, a place, etc.

We’ll perform as many pieces as we can in class, on the Tuesday of week 2, so keep the venue in mind, and practice your performance a few times. If there isn’t time to present your piece in class, you’ll need to upload a video of it by the beginning of the next class.