Technical Rider, Part 1

In addition to your continuing weekly progress reports reflecting any project-specific instructions and advice given in class, include a technical rider in your next progress report, due at class time, Tuesday, April 12.

The term technical rider refers to a document appended to a performer’s contract (a rider to the contract). It documents all the technical needs to realize a successful performance, including equipment, positioning, and support personnel.

I have reserved the following equipment for us:

  • 3 HD video cameras on tripods
  • 4-channel audio recorder with AC adapter
  • Røde stereo microphone on regular size mic stand with boom arm
  • 2 PZM microphones (they go on the floor and pick up wide areas)
  • 4 XLR cables 20–50′
  • 1 Mackie/Samson/or large Tannoy powered speaker
  • 2 power extension cables 20–50′
  • 2 phone (1/4”) cables 20–50′
  • Projection with screen and VGA cable to stage
  • 4 musician chairs
  • Default house/stage lights presets in wall panel:
    1. Blackout
    2. Work lights
    3. Stage lights
    4. House (audience) lights

No personnel will be provided, except for classmates during regularly scheduled class times and anything else you arrange on your own.

If you need anything other equipment or materials, make arrangements on your own. You can ask me if you think we may have something you need available to check out to you. Make arrangements with John Moeller in LAAH 224 to reserve, check out, and return any department-owned equipment (if he’s not there, ask in the PERF main office, LAAH 245).

Include the following documents in this part of your technical rider and post it on your web portfolio:

  • Equipment list—Indicate what you have arranged to check out from PERF and what you will obtain on your own
  • Stage plot—indicate where all performers, assistants, and equipment go onstage. Use any graphics program you like or draw it neatly by hand and scan it.