The Magic and the Angst of the Road Not Taken

This work explores the complexities of the macro-, micro-, and inner-worlds of a walk in the woods. On the largest scale, many people, animals, machines will cross this path over the centuries although today it seems like a new discovery awaiting you. On the smallest scale, delicate sounds of footsteps are seen as catastrophic disruptions of nature’s mise en place. On the inside, such a peaceful environment can allow the wildest range of thoughts to occur, exposing new opportunities, some exhilarating, some terrifying. It is composed using only sounds from walking in the woods near the Avenue of Beehives in Vila Dum Santo from the Viseu Rural archive.

Note: Visual and aural clarity is way better in the original than on YouTube, so remember to go to concerts! The complex audio in this one gets especially fuzzy on YouTube…

The accompanying video is an immersive exploration of a single photograph I took and edited, which was inspired by (and originally made to accompany) the music. It serves the music by emphasizing dualities between persistence and emergence in the face of eroding forces, and between natural imagery and digital artifacts (and in turn, some organic-seeming phenomena that emerge from the digital artifacts), and self-similarities between the micro- and the macro-worlds. The video element is not meant as a film with musical accompaniment, but rather a work in three channels that take turns, supporting and contrasting each other: left audio, right audio, and video.