FAQ for All My Courses

Where can I find __________?

In general:

  • Howdy (http://howdy.tamu.edu) stores all syllabi and faculty curricula vitae (cv) to comply with Texas state law.
  • eCampus (http://ecampus.tamu.edu/) stores any materials that are sensitive because of academic integrity (e.g., tests, study guides), federal privacy law (e.g., grades), or intellectual property laws requiring limited distribution, as well as files needing other kinds of special handling (e.g., large file downloads).
  • This website will store most other materials not described above.


Where can I get help with __________?

  • For help with this website or any problems specific to this class only, e-mail your instructor.
  • For help with any facilities inside the College of Liberal Arts: click here
  • For help with eCampus, contact Instructional Technology Services: click here
  • For help with Howdy or TAMU internet connectivity, contact Help Desk Central: click here


What do you do at TAMU / What kind of music do you compose?

As a professor at TAMU, my job is to create new research and creative work, present it in internationally prominent venues to raise TAMU’s profile, and—since TAMU is a Tier One Research University—to bring students in on the intellectual frontiers I explore, as much as possible. (This course is taught with the assumption that this is why you are here.) Here is some of my work toward this goal.


What music do you find inspiring?

This is not because this course is about this music, and it’s not my goal to get you to like this music too. I just get asked about this occasionally. It’s a playlist, so skip around as you like.