Vote in the Carl Orff Competition!

I’ve entered a new composition in the Carl Orff Competition (Orff is the guy who made this—from epic movie moments—and also this—from first-grade music class!). Now it’s open for YOU to rate the submitted works.

The competition had some unusual parameters, including providing a poetic excerpt (from Rilke) and requiring composers to complete it. My approach was not to add any words, but to take words away: erasure poetry (inspired by colleagues I’ve met over the last few years). By removing words, I highlighted new connections between the words of the original excerpt, opening up many ways to interpret them. Details of the call are here.

(Bonus points if you can find the classic rock quote I added.)

Links to rate submissions:


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National Student Electronic Music Event (NSEME) Comes to Texas for Spring Break

Since several students brought this up, I thought I’d share it with all of you. This year, the National Student Electronic Music Event (NSEME) is going to be hosted at the Unversity of North Texas in Denton (a 3.5 hour drive from College Station, north of Dallas/Ft. Worth), Friday–Saturday, March 9–10, 2018. They’ll have two concerts Friday evening, papers Saturday morning, then three more concerts, all student works from around the country. The guest artist will be Carla Scaletti, known for creating the Kyma sound design environment. She’s also become involved with addressing data sonification and making music from scientific data. All the details are at