Technical Rider, part 2 and Rehearsal and Shoot Plans

In addition to your continuing weekly progress reports reflecting any project-specific instructions and advice given in class (mock up recordings of your pieces!), include a the following in your next progress report, due at class time, Tuesday, April 19. Progress report is due Tuesday, April 19, but since I emailed you late about this post, you can take until class time Thursday, April 21 if you need.  Continue reading

Brainstorm Three Concepts for Pieces

By class time next Tuesday, make one post on your portfolio website with 3 ideas for possible pieces you could create (alone or as part of a team) for Ulrich to perform. For each, provide a one-paragraph description of the concept explored, how the performance will be structured over time, what the audience will hear/see/experience. These will be prompts for Ulrich to give us feedback on opportunities or challenges raised by your ideas.

Your First Web Portfolio Video

Updated: Create a website to host your portfolio for the semester, edit the video of your solo étude to include a couple camera angle changes and some titles that highlight the most interesting elements of your creation, post it on YouTube, and embed the YouTube video into a post on your portfolio site. and make a brief post describing the knowledge, skills, and interests you bring to this project, so we can get to know you and how we might collaborate with you this semester. In that post or a separate post on your site embed some YouTube video in a post on your site, so you’ll know how to do it for the future. It could be a video of you that you already have, or just something you find inspiring.

Submit the URL to your portfolio site to the instructor by class time Tuesday. Continue reading