Notes from 3/10/2016

Useful search phrase: “Extended techniques for cello”


A treatise from Oberlin College:


Notes from 3/1/16

In the last class, conversation changed before I could mention Stelarc’s mass-remote-controlled body performance pieces, most notably Split Body: Voltage In/Out but also Ping Body, of which a video can be found here. I also came across a history of performance art using electrically manipulated bodies in Leonardo. Of course, Jonathan and Blake’s idea didn’t involve direct control over a performer’s body, but the concept is related; it might be seen as the same but replacing the electrodes with a social contract and voting mechanism, a view on the piece which may be helpful in inspiring future decisions shaping the piece.

Compositions Discussed in Eco, The Open Work

  • Stockhausen, Klavierstück XI for piano (see the score here; fuzzy—sorry)
  • Berio, Sequenza I for flute (see an excerpt here)
  • Pousseur, Scambi for tape (hear realizations of it here, and glance at the notes explaining how each performer realized the piece)
  • Boulez, Third sonata for piano (see a performance here; note how the performer has to manipulate the pages of the score.)

Other works of possible interest: Continue reading