B4ch1007 (Bach Loot) Video Score

This is a set of six variations Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 (BWV 1007), especially the famous opening motive. These graphic scores exist as silent videos, but they are presented as musical graphic scores, meant to be interpreted more subjectively than traditional notation. Source images come from a manuscript believe to be copied down by Anna Magdalena Bach and a scrolling computer-typeset version by YouTube user gerubach for the Scrolling Bach Project.

The source images are processed by software I created in Max, which is largely autonomous, driven by an audio recording of the first movement of Bach’s Cello Suite. These studies aren’t intended to sound exactly (or much) like Bach’s composition, but by using it as an ingredient in creating these studies, they should carry some of the suite’s essence, in one way or another.

I didn’t originally intend to create a tribute to the abstract early films of Hans Richter, Man Ray, and Marcel Duchamp, but as the similarity grew as the work developed, I happily embraced it to see where it would lead.

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Shankcraft, live audiovisual sampling duo with Joe Hertenstein

Animal arms
At work
Like machines

An immersive audiovisual composed improvisational environment. The performance is structured to juxtapose rubbing (horizontal) and striking (vertical) gestures. All digital sound is sampled from the percussion live during the performance. All video is a live processed feed of the percussionist’s arms at work, exploded into full textures that immerse the audience in the sensation of the actions that are causing the sounds they hear.

Performance at the 2016 New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (NYCEMF) at the Abrons Arts Center in downtown Manhattan.


Preliminary proof of concept proposal video:


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Tell the Story

“Tell the Story” is a study on the misreadings arising from translating among casual speech, print, and digital media, and the not-so-transparent influence of digital media formats.

Premiered at the Electronic Literature Organization conference (in conjunction with DHSI and INKE, so a really big crowd!) created with Elisabeth Blair.

It’s the first featured piece representing the exhibition on Narrabase http://www.narrabase.net/elo2016.html

More info at http://elo2016.com/festival/jeff-morris-elisabeth-blair/

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Raveshift (in development)

The voice of the machine: if it’s a little speaker, it’s a shrill voice. Still, listen to the wide variety of timbres, rhythm ,and textures that come out of a simple feedback loop (using a laptop’s built in speaker and microphone, since I made the demo in an isolated forest cabin) and ONLY a 1 second delay—no other processing besides moving my body and objects in front of the speaker.

Developed while in residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts, at I-Park, and at the Atlantic Center for the Arts again.

Long raw demonstration video of embedded micro-controller version at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in summer 2016:


First demonstration video, made in a Connecticut forrest cabin at I-Park in fall 2015:

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