Published Conference Papers

"The Music of Machine Misreading: Machine Learning Artifacts as Sources for Artistic Content and Control," Generative Art International Conference, 2021, 6 pp. [Link]

"Weblogmusic: Taking the Mediatized Stage," International Conference on Digital and Interactive Arts (ARTECH), 2021, 6 pp. Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). [Link]

"Sobre a eletrodinâmica dos corpos de trabalho," International Conference on Digital and Interactive Arts (ARTECH), 2021, 2 pp. Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). [Link]

“Bytebeat: Deterministic and Undeterminable,” Algorithms that Matter Symposium, 2020, 5 pp., website presentation, introductory video, 2’, and panel discussion, 60’. [Link]

"Productive Misreading in Intermedia Art: Four Approaches by a Musician,” Electronic Literature Organization conference, 2020, 4 pp. [Link]

“Metagaming Concepts for Analysing Techniques and Aesthetics in Bytebeat Performance: The Technology Tree, the Tier List, and the Overpowered.” XXII Generative Art 2019, Rome, pp. 177–189. [Link]

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Ferin Martino’s Tour: Lessons from Adapting the Same Algorithmic Art Installation to Different Venues and Platforms.” Sound & Music Computing Conference 2017, Helsinki, pp. 92–97. [Link]

Ferin Martino: A Small Piano Algorithm and Its Lessons on Creativity, Interaction, and Expression.” International Workshop on Musical Metacreation, Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment 2014, Raleigh, pp. 40–44. [Link]

“Collaborating with Machines: Hybrid Performances Allow a Different Perspective on Generative Art.” Generative Art International Conference 2013, Milan, pp. 114–125. [Link]

“Music in a Mediatized Modernity: Intermedia Counterpoint and Posthuman Performance.” Computer Art Congress 2008 Mexico City, 14 pp. [Link]

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“A Dynamic Model of Metric Rhythm in Electroacoustic Music.” International Computer Music Conference 2004, Miami, pp. 480–483. [Link]


“Songs and Sandwiches: Student Vocabulary Reveals How Everyday Tools Manipulate Artistic Thought.” National Association of Composers, USA (NACUSA), 2021. [Link]

Weblogmusic, Internet platform for asynchronous improvised performances. Network Music Festival, 2020, video presentation, 7’, panel discussion, 2 hours. [Link]

Sobre a eletrodinâmica dos corpos de trabalho, video, 5’, and slide presentation, 12 pp. [Link]; and In the Middle of the Room, video, 10’, introductory video, 3’ [Link], and slide presentation, 8 pp. [Link]. International Conference on Computational Creativity, 2020.

“Native Composition: Metaprocess as a Unifying Factor in a Diverse Body of Artwork,” International Symposium on Electronic Art, 2020, 5 pp., video presentation, 10’ [Link], and panel discussion, 96’ [Link].

“Intermedia Techniques for Acoustic Composition.” National Association of Composers, USA 2018, Kansas City.

Featured lecture: "Science and Fantasy." Art & Science Days 2017, France.

“Weblogmusic: Taking the Mediatized Stage.” Society for Electroacoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS) 2015, Virginia Tech.

“Transformation of the Classroom for Critical Listening” with Craig Reynolds and Andrew Evertson (BRW Architects). Texas College & University Facilities Professionals Conference 2014, Dallas.

Lecture recital. Acousmatic for the People 2013, Sweden.

“The Maturation of Electronic Instruments as Posthuman Computation Instruments.” Instruments of the Post-Prohibitive Age 2008, Massachusetts.

“An Improvisatory Intermedia Performance Using Live Audiovisual Sampling to Explore: Mediatization as a Device of Imitative Counterpoint” with Anna Graciela Arenas. Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology Biennial Arts and Technology Symposium 2008, Connecticut.

Panel of university studio directors discussing the future of the field and the role of the university. Electric LaTex Festival of Electroacoustic Music 2007, Texas.

“Feedback as a Live Source of Musical Content.” Electroacoustic Juke Joint 2007, Mississippi.

Panel on the creation of collaborative intermedia performance, 60 min. Body and Performance Symposium 2004, Texas.

“Toward a Dynamic Application of Metric Rhythm in Electroacoustic Music.” Electronic Music Midwest 2003, Kansas City.


Emily Garcia, "THE INSIDE STORY: Jeff Morris and WITH STRINGS." PARMA Recordings, 2019. [Link]

Emily Garcia, "THE INSIDE STORY: Jeff Morris and INTERFACES." PARMA Recordings, 2018. [Link]

Colby Conway, "Does Productivity Suffer From New and Creative Technologies?" IGI Global, 2017. [Link]

Book Chapters

“Preparing Students to Engage the Arts in the 21st Century.” In Mura, Analyzing Art, Culture, and Design in the Digital Age, IGI Global (2015), pp. 188–204.

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I’m excited to share my fourth album: live sampling with saxophones and bass clarinet on Ravello Records!

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