Appointment — Texas A&M University, Associate Professor (hired 2005)


  • Doctor of Musical Arts in Composition, University of North Texas (2007)
  • Master of Music & Bachelor of Arts in Music, Florida State University (2000, 1998)

Awards — 27 competitive prizes, commissions, fellowships, and research grants, totaling $79,208

  • Winner. Radio Killed the Video Star, CUE Art Foundation, New York.
  • First Prize. Viseu Rural 2.0, Portugal.
  • Commission award. Environmental Art Biennale, I-Park Foundation, Connecticut
  • Second Prize. Concours de Bourges, France.
  • Third Prize. Music in Architecture—Architecture in Music, LBJ Presidential Library
  • Third Prize. UnCaged Toy Piano, New York
  • Semi-Finalist. American Prize, Chamber Music, Connecticut.
  • Pre-Finalist (twice). Destellos Prize, Argentina.

Featured Performer/Speaker

  • Cyprus (NeMe Arts Center, Limassol)
  • France (Art & Science Days, Bourges)
  • National Association of Composers, USA / SCI (Knoxville)
  • Sweden (Inter Arts Center, Lund University)
  • Austin Museum of Art
  • Flea Theater (Downtown New York)

Select Exhibitions — 67 unique works in 165 external presentations

  • International Computer Music Conference: Gothenburg (Sweden), Singapore, Miami,
    New Orleans, Copenhagen, Athens, and Daegu (South Korea)
  • Sound and Music Computing Conference: Helsinki, Limassol (Cyprus)
  • Generative Art International Conference: Milano Triennale Museum
  • College Music Society: Helsinki and Santa Fe (NM)
  • National Flute Society, Caesars Palace (Las Vegas)
  • New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (Downtown Manhattan): 2016 and 2018
  • Open House Chicago (Chicago Architecture Foundation)
  • Boston Microtonal Society

Select Publications — 2 CD albums, 6 CD/DVD tracks, 4 chapters, 4 articles, and 6 conference papers

  • Full CD albums through Ravello/Naxos:
    • Interfaces: Jazz Meets Electronics (2018; in press);
    • With Strings: Live Sampling in Counterpoint (2019, in press).
  • “Preparing Students to Engage the Arts in the 21st Century” In Analyzing Art, Culture,
    and Design in the Digital Age. IGI Global.
  • “Ontological Substance and Meaning in Live Electroacoustic Music” In Computer Music
    Modeling and Retrieval. Springer.
  • “Structure in the Dimension of Liveness and Mediation.” Leonardo Music Journal. MIT.

Select Curated/Edited Projects

  • International Journal of Art, Culture and Design Technologies Editor-in-Chief.
  • Weblogmusic. Collaborative performance internet platform.
  • Fresh Minds Festival of audiovisual art. International competition. 2013–2017.
  • Program and facility development at Texas A&M University. $782,026 in 39 internal grants.

Select coverage of my work in Array (ICMA), CODAmagazine, Composition Today, Cream City Review, The Improvisor, Sculpture, Synthtopia, and World Architecture.

I’m excited to share my first album: live sampling and jazz with Karl Berger and Joe Hertenstein, on Ravello Records!

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