Microtonal Étude for Horn at the International Horn Society

EtudeThis work explores the technology of the horn. Since it is a mature acoustic instrument, we tend to overlook the artificial structures it imposes on the way we think about making music with it. Also, musical conventions lead horn players to struggle against the natural tendencies of the instrument, e.g., to force notes to be what we consider to be “in tune.” In its earlier forms, the horn had no valves Continue reading

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Flash for trombone choir at the Bonk Festival in the Dalí Museum!

flash portrays a single instant in detail, stretched out across time. (Note: it starts very quietly.)

Bonk Festival of New Music 2004 (3/14/2004, Salvador Dalí Museum, Tampa Bay, Florida)—performed in honor of Dalí’s centenary. The Bonk Festival of New Music is produced with the support of the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, The Florida Arts Council, and the National Endowment for the Arts.



Full Score (PDF)

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Univ. of Chicago performs Quintet for Horn, Woodwinds, and Piano

41573_77762576989_3767_nEighth Annual Midwest Graduate Music Consortium (2/28/2004, University of Chicago, Illinois)— “Quintet for Horn with Woodwinds and Piano” performed by the University of Chicago new music ensemble.

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