Weblogmusic640x480-1Using the structure of today’s screen-mediated communications, these performers contribute their parts one at a time, responding to what was played before, and together they build “born digital” performances that expose the delays and glitches of network communications and make something genuinely *human* with it.  As the audience, we witness performances that only exist in our web browsers, in the moments we’re viewing it. There is no “definitive version” of the performance!

This isn’t “pop music.”

It’s not likely to be danceable or singable, so if that’s the only way you define music, then you can call this “sound art” or“performance art.” It’s free improvisation in the avant garde tradition: adventurous and skilled improvisers building a performance together spontaneously,  without any pre-written melodies or chord charts. They’re simply having a conversationtogether in music, sound, visuals, and performance!

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